Saturday, September 6, 2014

Photos of Mandalay

Life goes on in Mandalay.  If you imagine that I lead an exotic life, you're wrong.  I work.  I come home.  I hang out with friends.  But, because I'm doing my working and hanging out in Myanmar, it's a little different.  I'm still loving it after more than a year.  Here are some photos to let you know what I've been up to the last week.

Can you tell what this is a photo of?  My feet.

A new spa charges $1.50 to let you soak your feet in a tank filled with fish.  The fish love to eat the dead skin off your feet and legs.  To make it even more fun, locals were in the doorway, taking pictures of me.
Saturday started at a tea shop.  Next, fish nibbling on my toes.  Then, shampoo and massage.  After that, a fabulous lunch at a new-to-me restaurant.  Then shopping at Mingular - a local market that has everything from clothes to fruit.  These young Buddhist nuns were collecting food for their daily meal.  Someone gave them bananas, which they were carrying on their heads.  I gave them money.  They gave me smiles and giggles.

At Mingular I bought roses (10 long stemmed roses for $.50)  I gave them to one of the school staff who I love.  I bought these orchids for $2.00.  That's the view from my living room.

Everyday we start off by writing how we feel on our slates.  This was from Friday.  One of my kids likes school.

Another boy was happy because Friday is Funday!

I don't have a photo but lunch at My Cafe, which is over the SP Bakery on 78th by the train station was great.  Terrific chicken burger for 2,500K.  Amazingly, mozzarella cheese sticks for 1,500K.  That's $2.50 and $1.50 USD.  Plus, free wifi.