Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hitting the Tourist Trail

Always fun to show the new teachers around Mandalay.  Here are a few of the places we visited today.

This is a tree trunk that is in the process of being carved at one of the places in Mandalay that does amazing carvings.

These ladies were part of a group at U Bein Bridge.  They wanted to take photos with me.  I turned the tables and took their photos too.  I ran into them an hour later and they took more photos of me.

More of the wood carvings in Amarapura.

These weren't tourists at U Bein but kids whose families where working there.  The one on the left in red was very friendly.  His friend, in the striped shirt, took a bit of convincing to get his photo taken but then turned very friendly.
I'll post more photos when the internet is cooperating.