Saturday, July 10, 2010

Medically Deferred

I knew it couldn't be good news when I checked my application status and under medical it said that they'd reached a decision and I should wait impatiently by the mailbox for the slowest form of communication possible...snail mail. Well, that's not exactly how they said it, but it did mean waiting for letter to arrive to tell me the decision.

Temporarily medically deferred. I did great on all the medical tests except one. That one was slightly outside the "normal" range and my doc wasn't concerned but the PC wants me in tiptop shape, and said that as soon as I can get that number under control, they'll review my medical file again. As frustrating as it was not to get an "all clear", I understand the need to make sure volunteers are in good health.

So I started meds yesterday and on July 26th will be heading back to the doctor for more "blood work" (sounds like a good name for a thriller, doesn't it?) and to have the doctor write a plan to explain how we'll manage this for the next 27 months.

I started fretting about what that would mean. Staying on meds for something that has no symptoms? Getting blood tests periodically to make sure I'm in the zone? What will that mean to my placement? Will they let me in?

I decided to stop worrying. I might still make the Pacific Islands in September (my nomination.) I might not. The Peace Corps might place me someplace else. They might not.

Hopefully, at the end of the month, I'll submit new paperwork demonstrating my stellar good health. At that point, it's out of my hands and worrying/wondering and considering all the options won't help.

In the meantime, I'm working on an interesting project and enjoying all the comforts of home.