Monday, August 4, 2014

Orientation - Day One

Today was Day One for a week-long orientation session for new and existing teachers.  I put the first draft of the orientation schedule together so really wanted it to go well.

I did two sessions today, one a tour of the campus and the other on resources (personal and professional) for teachers.  They went ok.

The new group of 24 is eclectic and seem like they'll be a good addition to the school.  I must confess it was a bit disconcerting to have several of them say they'd read every word I'd written in this blog.  They were complementary and expressed thanks for giving them insights into living in Mandalay.  I hope they don't think they were hornswoggled.

I'm struggling with a technical problem this seems my electric cord for charging the battery isn't working properly.  Hopefully, I'll be able to buy a replacement cord as inexpensively here as I did in Malawi.

We were also told a new Ocean Superstore opened yesterday and is much larger and has more variety in products.  The school sent a bus for teachers to experience it but I was too lazy to go.  I'm hoping the reports are that it is as good as first reported.

Have to go.  Internet is out.  Charging my laptop is not working.  I don't seem to have great technology karma.  Admin keeps saying how much better the internet it but I have yet to see it, either in my apartment or classroom.  Arrggh.

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