Friday, February 6, 2015


We lose a lot of teeth in first grade.  It just comes with the territory - six year old kids lose baby teeth.  One day I found a tooth on the floor.  No one claimed it.  Served as a great science experiment, though.  We put it in a glass of Coke and waited to see what would happen.  The kids were appalled a couple of days later when they saw the tooth just rotting away.

 After the Christmas holiday, which was three weeks long, I took a poll of number of teeth lost.  7.  It's fun to watch the new "adult" teeth coming in.

On Tuesday, we had another tooth lost and this time, it was mine.  Actually, I just lost a crown.  It happened at lunch and I was very happy I didn't swallow it.  The kids thought it was very funny that I lost a baby tooth.

Aye Aye Than, who is the heart of our school, arranged for a driver to take me to the dentist after school.  I hate dentists.  I've had bad experiences, including a drunk dentist who broke off a Novocaine needle in my gum (yes, in the United States).  As I opened the door to the dental clinic the smell hit me.  Classic dentist office smell.  From the tiny lobby I saw the bottom half of a man lying in a dental chair and heard the drill.  I cringed.

Thankfully, 30 minutes and $20 later I was on my way - crown cemented back into place.  The female dentist spoke some English.  The equipment seemed current and the place, while not fancy, was very clean.  The dentist was double gloved.  There were no shots and no pain.

The kids were very impressed the next day that my tooth had already grown back.  If you're in Mandalay and need dental work, check out Pepsodent - near the Palace and conveniently next door to a travel agent and money changer.

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