Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Taste at the Market

Typical Saturday at the market.  It was hot today, over 100 degrees and over 50% humidity.  So I felt fresh for about 30 seconds after I left my air conditioned apartment.

I'm leaving for home in Florida in 9 days so I didn't want to buy too much at the market.  But, it is mango season and I need to eat for 9 days.  I bought a couple of potatoes, some corn and several tomatoes.  I also was looking over the wares of one of the ladies near the entrance to the market.  She held up a baggie filled with something.  We share no language.  But I raised my upraised palms, as in "what is it?"  She opened the bag and offered a piece to me.  I took it, of course.  It was soft, a bit gelatinous and tasted like banana, pineapple and a bit of fried chicken.  It was jackfruit.  I've seen them often.  They are huge and hard to ignore.  But I've never tried it.  On the outside, jackfruit looks very much like durian.  Durian isn't horrible but it's not a favorite of mine.

After tasting the jackfruit, I paid $.50 for a baggie full.

Later, in my apartment, a couple of friends stopped by.  They are experienced travelers.  I offered them a taste of my new jackfruit.  One refused outright, based on smell.  The other tried one bite and said he was done.

After having it in the fridge, I like it even better.  It's sort of like a banana pineapple custard with a side of fried chicken.  I'll buy it again, although it is expensive, compared to the rest of the fruit in season.

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