Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday Evening "Walking Market" in Chiang Mai and Feet

I was looking forward to the big Sunday market in the Old City.  I was a bit dismayed then, when it started pouring just before I was planning to leave.  No worries, though, the rain stopped, the sun came back out and the air was hot and heavy as I walked to the market.

I was determined to not buy anything.  Several reasons for that.  Wanting to save money, of course.  Plus, very little room in my luggage, since I only brought my roll aboard with me for a month of travel.  And, I'm heading out this week for three weeks in Vietnam.  I suspect I'll have more chances to shop there.

In any case, here are  photos of the walking market and the area.

Air conditioning is a beautiful thing on a hot, humid afternoon.

The lady who sold me these banana chips was wearing a Mickey Mouse apron.  I commented on it and she explained her son had brought it back from Disney Tokyo.  He also brought back the bags she uses for the bananas.

Indoor, air conditioned spa where I got the best foot massage I've ever had.  Ever.

No privacy if you get a Thai massage.

The spirit house in front of my hotel.  Someone explained that if you provide offerings in the spirit house, spirits will be drawn there instead of going inside the real house and bothering the residents.

Main road along the moat at Tha Pae Gate.

Shopping, food, music and live entertainment.

A bit hard to see in this photo but that's a large tree sculpture which is lit up at night.

This lady gave me a great foot massage at the market.

At any given moment there were at least a dozen of us getting some type of massage.

Who can resist a cute baby?  I'm assuming these proud folks are the grandparents.

This photo doesn't capture how crowded the market became.

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