Friday, June 3, 2016

The Remodel Hassle Was Worth It - Kitchen Photos

  • I'm very, very close to being finished with the remodel of my kitchen and two bathrooms.  As I indicated in my last post, it was not without it's challenges but it was worth it.  Here are some photos of the before and after in my kitchen.

The kitchen as it was before, circa 1988.  The brackets on the right used to hold glass shelves and colored glassware.  I'd taken them down to pack before I started taking photos.

Notice the trash can?  Now I have a double bin trash holder in a cabinet.  I love it.

This sink served me well for 22 years.

The kitchen wasn't awful.  It was functional but it needed to be brought into this century.  And I really wanted to get rid of the laminate counters.

I went with white cabinets, brushed nickel knobs, more cabinets and granite counters.  The black appliances will be replaced with stainless as they die.  I'm way too cheap to replace them just because of the color.  By the way - there are the colored martini glasses, over the sink.  They used to be on shelves next to the doorway - that's now a new cabinet.

The remodeled kitchen has a cabinet over the microwave which gives it a more finished look.  I also added crown molding.

I love this sink!  Undermount made of granite composite.  I could easily bathe three fat babies in this sink. 

The counters are "Thunder White" granite.  I chose beveled white subway tiles for the backsplash.
I love it every time I walk into my new kitchen.  I have lots of cabinet space, it is bright and airy with plenty of light to cook by.  Worth


  1. I really like the white cabinets with the black appliances. The black and white scheme always looks great in a kitchen, and I bet it is always fun to add a pop of color with your accessories. The sink and counters look great with the black and white scheme. I can see why you love your new kitchen so much!

    1. Thanks! Now that I've lived with it for awhile, I love it even more.

  2. The remodel done on your kitchen looks amazing! My favorite part is the huge sink and your description of it! It made me smile when you said you were being cheap because you were going to replace your appliances once they died. I don't call that being cheap, I call that being smart!