Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Haircut in Bangkok

I've been very good about following doctor's orders.  It's in my own best interest to do whatever it takes to get better and get back to Mandalay.  I was very excited when he told me yesterday that I could walk a bit, as long as it didn't increase swelling or pain.

I didn't want to overdo but am getting a bit stir crazy.  Plus, after just lying around for almost two weeks, I need to get moving to get my energy back.

Luckily for me, I'm staying at the Dubliner Place on Sukhumvit, which is close to everything I need.  Yesterday I walked the 50 yards or so to a Chinese restaurant.  I was extremely happy with the quality of the food.  On my way back, I noticed a small beauty salon advertising full hair services.

Today, I decided to stop by and see if they could fit me in.  No problem, it was just me and two charming young stylists.  They seemed a bit surprised that I wanted a cut but were up for it.  The treatment started with a lovely shampoo.  About 15 minutes of head massaging.  Lovely.

Next I moved to the chair for the cut.  We started to discuss what I was hoping for.  I told them I wanted them to make me "look like her - young and beautiful" and I pointed to the woman holding the scissors.  Both ladies burst out laughing.  Seems they don't do magic.

She did do a fabulous cut, though, followed by almost 20 minutes of blow drying.  I love to have my hair blow dried.  Actually, I enjoy it almost as much as a good massage.  On the rare occasions that I can't get to sleep, I'd love to have someone on call to blow dry my hair.  Puts me out, every time.

It wasn't the biggest outing, but I enjoyed being off my back and out of my hotel room for an hour.  It was nice to have someone other than a doctor or nurse touch me, plus it didn't involve needles.  And, I look beautiful.  I hope that doesn't make my doctor want to keep me longer in Bangkok.  I'm really, really hoping he'll clear me to fly to Mandalay on Thursday.

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