Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween may be new to Myanmar but it's a favorite with us American teachers.  I coordinated trick or treating among some of the classes and my kids made skeletons and masks to wear.  It was great fun and a day filled with chaos!

One of the other first grade teachers went all out.  Next year, the challenge is ON!

Teacher Matt's second graders came to trick or treat. 

I gave the kids a choice of 6 different mask templates.  Most chose the vampire mask.

They also voted that I be a vampire.  I made a couple of the tiny Montessori kids cry.

I love you, too, Jack.

This girl added pigtails and bows to her skeleton.

The Montessori babies.  Ages 3-6.  The older ones will be my kids next year.

My kids heading to another class to trick or treat.  I had given up having them in line.  Chaos prevailed but a good time was had by all.

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