Saturday, November 2, 2013

Photos of My Life in Myanmar

My apartment.  Kitchen is on the right, living area with no furniture straight ahead, bathroom on left and you can see the foot of the bed.

My bedroom.  Shopping today for a lamp.  Can't wait to find some stuff for the walls.

Front door and the kitchen.  No counter space!

They're building this across from the school.  I was told it's a house.  There are 2X4s sticking up everywhere.

Gate and wall just outside my apartment building.  Since the recent bombings they've increased the number of guards.  I feel very, very safe.

My after school club - Cards and Games.  Uno, chess, parcheesi, connect 4 and more.

These are 3rd graders playing chess.  They are trilingual.  They want to go to a University in the United States and become scientists.  They are amazing.

I did a Saturday training session for the school's Montessori teachers on how to teach phonics.  I showed them a kinesthetic way to teach the sounds of the alphabet.  They were making x's.

Their approach to the X.

Phonics Twister, anyone?

After the training, a few of us headed to U Bein Bridge which is a famous landmark near Mandalay.  It was rainy but fun.

One of the teachers and I enjoyed a snack.  This is traditional - whole, unpeeled shrimp deep fried in a batter.  That's deep fried corn underneath.  Very good stuff.

Teacher Kanaki is from Singapore and teaches Montessori pre-school. 

After the prawns we went for a plate of fried whole small fish.  Very much like eating smelt.  All that was missing was a cold beer.

I asked the kids to bring a bag for trick or treating.  Jack brought in a Coach bag.  He's wearing the traditional tanaka on his face - it's decorative, keeps sunburn away and is supposed to be good for the skin.  The majority of people wear it daily.

The stairs to my apartment.  Not sure what they were thinking when they designed the building but when it rains water pours down the slippery stairs.

Birthday gifts.  My assistant teachers brought me roses and the most beautiful handmade purse and change purse.  Made of black velvet and hand beaded.  Made by one of the most famous artisans in Myanmar.  On the right is an eco-mug from one of the kids who found out it was my birthday.

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