Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photos from Sagaing

We finally made it to Sagaing.  Here are some of the sites.  Before we drove up to Sagaing Hill to see the large temple, we stopped at a tranquil Buddhist university.
As you drive into the university the first thing you see is a huge, ornate round building.  

These kids, on a school trip, were not at all interested in the university but very interested in the I-Pad one of them had.

Stone carvings

Wood carved door

Some of the detailed carving in one of the many carved doors

We ran into a group of nuns and monks coming from class

Spartan.  Yup, that's the world for the dorm.  These aren't the new US-style "dorms" with private bedrooms and flat screen tvs.  These beds are open air, under the building.  They take bucket baths in communal areas.  

 All buildings on the hill are Buddhist owned.  There are no private homes or businesses on the hill.  In addition to the religious significance, the views are terrific.

Very large Buddha is the first thing you see when walking into the main entrance of the temple.

Looking downriver, past Mandalay.

Looking across the river toward farms and Mandalay.

Pagodas everywhere on the hill.

That's the large round building that's part of the Buddhist University.

Lots of color and intricate carving at Sagaing Hill.

All hand done.

On our way home, we stopped for an iced cappucino.  It was a wonderful and memorable day.

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