Friday, May 23, 2014

A More Cheerful Bangkok Update

No, this isn't related to the current coup.  I just posted a rant about things I found annoying yesterday.  I thought it would only be fair to list the things that made me smile yesterday.

  • As I was standing on the clean, cool BTS train yesterday on my way to the MBK mall, a young Thai man, replete with piercings and tattoos, touched my arm to get my attention.  He offered me his seat.  I declined but thanked him for the offer.  His parents should be proud of his good manners.
  • MBK mall smells like food.  It is wonderful.  Every floor has restaurants and there's a large, outstanding food court on the fifth floor.  The best place for delicious smells is on the 4th floor, 4B to be precise.  A row of women was busy making Thai tacos.  Small crepes filled with egg, whipped cream and other stuff.  You can shop for cell phones and DVDs while smelling sweetness.
  • BTS, malls, restaurants are all cold.  They keep the air conditioning on full blast.  That is a beautiful thing when it is so hot and humid outside.
  • Terminal 21 mall was nice enough to have Sweet City while I'm here.  There are over a dozen businesses who specialize in desserts feature their goodies throughout the mall.  More good smells.
  • A Japanese restaurant in Terminal 21 makes delicious pizza.  I came out of the theatre and wanted to get something for dinner and didn't want to walk far, since I was carrying a backpack full of groceries.  I was leery of the idea of Japanese pizza but was pleasantly surprised.  I don't know the name but it's located on the 4th floor of Terminal 21.  I don't think there are too many Japanese restaurants offering pizza there.
  • I love that you can get a cheap massage pretty much anywhere.  After a few hours of walking around MBK mall, I was happy to pay the high (for Bangkok) price of $12 for an hour massage.  Mostly legs and feet with a bit of shoulder, neck and head tossed in.  Comfortable chair, relaxing lighting and music.  Heaven in a mall.
  • I like that since I'm about a foot taller than most people here, even in crowds I can see where I'm going.
  • I love that even if a person here doesn't speak English (and most in the tourist speak at least a bit) they try to help.  I had a completely non-verbal conversation with a man yesterday.  It involved much smiling, nodding and "y'ing" - put hands palm together and bowing your head to show respect.  It was also fun.
  • I love meeting new people from around the world.  I talked to one guy from the Bahamas.  Another from Germany.  A couple from England who now live in Australia.  It is not lonely to travel alone.
  • I love that Chatuchuk market is waiting for me.  The weekend market is open and I'm anxious to get there and hopefully find some shoes, before it gets too hot.
  • I love that I can Skype in Bangkok.
Ok, time to stop typing and head to the market to find more things to love.

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  1. I hope you're having a great and RELAXING time Ms.Nancy. We miss you here in the 48th world country( haha). Hopefully you can smuggle some of those tacos on your way back :)