Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Food and Shopping in Bangkok

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm pooped.  It was a great day - started with a long Skype call with an old friend, followed by a few hours of shopping and sweating at Chatachuk Market.  Happily, I found both the shoes and the decorative hand-made paper I was looking for.

Before heading back to my room for another shower and a rest, I stopped in at Terminal 21.  I picked up a few more groceries and then headed to Sunrise Tacos to pick up my last Mexican meal this trip.

On this trip I ate Mexican food (twice), Italian food, Arabic food and seafood (twice).  Other than sticky rice and mango, no Thai food.  Just too little time.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

MBK Mall.  Mandalay has a very long way to go to offer a comparable shopping/dining experience.

My lunch.

Food court at MBK where I had the shrimp.

It was a long walk down a rather dingy hall to the toilets.

But once there they were clean and modern.  This is the toilet's control panel.

Excellent pizza from a Japanese restaurant at Terminal 21.

Durian cream puffs.  Wrong.  Just wrong.

Peaceful park outside Chatachuk Market.

Arabic lavash sandwich for lunch at the market with a Coke Light.

The market was very hot and very crowded.  No sign of the coup.  This local tv news crew were filming the place where I'd just bought lunch.


  1. Hi Nancy, just wanted to drop you a quick "hello!" and say that I've really been enjoying your blog since I stumbled across it the other day when Googling the address for AIS. I will be coming to work there this August along with my partner Justin and we have both found your posts entertaining (and also a bit reassuring!) to read. Really looking forward to getting our feet on the ground there now, hopefully we'll be meeting you sometime soon. Take care, Megan

  2. Glad you're enjoying the blog, Megan, and good to hear from you. We're in our first week of summer school now and having a blast, even with temps in the 100's. Can't wait to meet you. Feel free to email if you have specific questions.