Friday, March 27, 2015

More Photos of a Day in Mandalay

Another attempt to show you what a day of errands in Mandalay looks like.  What you may not be able to see is the happiness that comes with shopping and interacting with such friendly people.  Sometimes, I asked to take pictures.  Other times, they volunteered.  Sometimes they asked to take my picture before I took theirs.  That's life in a country where foreigners aren't typically seen.  And, when they asked where I was from, people were consistently enthusiastic when I said "America".  They love Obama!
This guy is pushing his lottery ticket cart down one of the main streets.  He has large speakers and music blasting to let everyone know he's coming.

These kids sell strings of jasmine flowers to motorists - the flowers are placed in cars as air freshener or in women's hair as decoration (and for the scent).  One of my local friends, a cleaning lady at the school, often brings me the flowers to wear in my hair at school.

At the entry to Mingalar, a "wet" market that has produce, fabric, seamstresses and meat, there are vendors outside as you enter.  Cauliflower is in season.  Huge, fresh and about a dollar for an enormous head.

Outside stalls at the market also sell other household goods.  I have a basket like the ones on the left, to carry my produce.  I also have a trunk (provided by the school) like the ones on the right, to store my stuff in my apartment.

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