Friday, March 27, 2015

Photos of a Day in Mandalay

Last week I posted a description of my typical Saturday in Mandalay.  This week, I'm posting photos of what it looks like.  Except it happened on a Friday instead of Saturday because we have a 3 day weekend due to a holiday.  Here's what a typical, fun day in Mandalay looks like.   Note:   I've spent about 4 hours uploading these photos.  I'll work on the rest of the day as internet permits.  Sorry for the delay, but that's life in a developing country.

My friend (and boss) Saundi.  We usually start our "chores" with breakfast at one of the many local tea shops.

Sorry that this photo is out of order.  This is a pharmacy that I passed after leaving the tea shop.  The pharmacist and cat were both comfortable with having their picture taken.

The guy in red and white is a chef.  I was trying to catch him tossing dough but was too slow.  The boy in yellow is one of the many young servers.  He knew I was taking his picture but was too shy to look toward the camera.

My driver.  He's reliable, safe and fun.  He charges 4,000 K per hour (air con car is usually 8,000 K per hour.) and the best part - he carries my groceries up the 3 flights to my apartment.

After breakfast, we walked down the street to buy a special pastry I like.  This lady was working at a shop along the way and didn't hesitate to have her picture taken.

A typical small restaurant along the street.  Good, cheap food with friendly staff.

This man walks around town, sharpening knives and scissors.  Another big smile when I asked to take his photo.

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