Monday, December 21, 2015

Hanoi, Take Three

If you've been patiently reading my most recent posts, you may be thinking "Holy Moly, how many posts can this woman have about doing absolutely nothing in one of the most remarkable cities in SE Asia?"

Actually, quite a few.  But this one will be briefer.  Just a few more photos of what I saw as I meandered through Hanoi's Old Quarter.  And away we go...

Sidewalks would be easier to walk on if they weren't used as motorbike parking lots.

I don't know for sure but I think you have to wear tie dye and smell of patchouli to shop here.

A bit of history in the Old Quarter.

I still think Dragon Fruit is a misnaming name for a very mild fruit.  It's still beautiful, though.

I felt like I was back in Zegyo in Mandalay.

So many things to buy, so little luggage. 

Some of the baked goods vendors were a tad aggressive.  Most were women about my age.  I discovered that if I just patted my hips and shook my head sadly they just smiled and left me alone.

I'm not sure why I've been obsessed with bamboo ladders for years but I have.  I so wanted one of these.

I even considered disassembling them and packing them in a new suitcase.  Luckily I gained control of myself.

Being a flower vendor would be hard work for very little money (I saw the vendors at 4:30 a.m. peddling away from the large flower market in the pouring rain) but I have a romantic vision of me pedaling around town selling my beautiful flowers.  I also have a vision of myself being crowned Miss America.  I seem to have a somewhat limited grasp on reality.

Speaking of electric wires...

I really liked these masks but how would you choose?  The impact is from all of them.  And how creepy would it be to walk past a wall of them staring at you in the middle of the night in the dark?

Slow traffic day.  I actually took this photo for my friends Ralph and Mary Lou who went to Vietnam on a trip I'd planned and reserved and then couldn't go on.  They had a cold beer on the terrace of this restaurant across from the lake.

As I waited for my dinner at an Indian restaurant they were kind enough to bring me a newspaper.

I enjoyed the fresh orchid bloom while I waited.

The food was delicious and a nice break from Vietnamese food and doner kebabs.

I wonder if she buys her oil at Costco?  She was making batter dipped fried bananas.

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