Thursday, July 6, 2017

Boston in June

June brought a trip to the Boston area to visit another old friend (our relationship is old, not us).  Donna lives in Winthrop, just outside Boston and has an awesome wrap-around porch.  The porch offers a great view of Boston Harbor and the planes landing and taking off from BOS.

We didn't sight see.  We hung out and caught up.  We did a bit of flea-marketing at Todd Farm in Rowely, which was fun.  I found a fabulous old blue sign that spelled out BEACH in giant, cursive letters.  It would have looked great on the wall behind my pool but shipping a six foot long, three foot high, one foot thick sign would have been a challenge.

Mostly, we, along with assorted family members, hung out on the porch, enjoying the company and the view.  It was a great trip and United came through on flights.  Got me there and back with only a couple of minor delays on the way home.

Here are some photos:

I loved watching the planes landing and taking off.  This one is landing.

After perusing the flea market we stopped for breakfast at the Agawam Diner.  Donna and Diane opted for breakfast but when I heard the special was roasted lamb, made by the Greek owners I was hooked.  Stuffed with cloves of garlic before roasting, the lamb was perfect.  For a great food and service experience you have to try the Agawam Diner.  Get there early, though, or be prepared for a wait. 

Sunrise, looking toward Winthrop.

Sunrise on the porch, looking toward the Boston airport.

For years, I've loved the chai tea (or, "tea tea" if you will) that Donna always has on hand.  She normally had the David Rio "Elephant Vanilla".  Recently, though, they came out with "Flamingo Vanilla" which is decaf and sugar free.  And just as delicious.  World Market was having a BOGO sale so I now have a cabinet full of Tea, Tea.

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