Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photos - At Long Last!!

My bed in the hotel in Tafuna, American Samoa.
If you think we look happy here, you should have seen us after the sauna, jacuzzi and massage.  We splurged during  Early Service Conference in Apia.  From left - Natalie, Chelsea (PCV), Denise (PC staff)

About 1/3 of us made it to march in the Samoan Independence Day event.  Nice to see the American flag.

My new friends are wearing tapa cloth (made from tree bark) lava lavas.  I'm stylin' in a t shirt and ie lava lava.

Tapa cloth and tattoos.  The traditional tattoos go from above the waist to above the knees and cover just about everything in between.

After we marched.  In the brown shirt - the Congressional Rep for American Samoa.  Between him and me is the Ambassador to the Pacific Region, which includes Samoa.  He's based in Wellington, NZ.

Some of the teachers at my school were feeling playful.  I was wearing the same school uniform as I took the photo.

The green steak burrito at Carl Jr's in AS.  OMG.  I'm drooling just looking at it.  It cost $12 US, btw.  Worth every penny.

The bathtub in my hotel room.  With hot water.  Did I mention I was in heaven?

The view in AS as I walked to the store.  More, closer, spikier mountains than in Samoa.

Another mt.  Very similar to ones I'd seen in Cook Islands, Tahiti and Bora Bora.

For sale at the grocery store in AS.  I'm guessing Chinese imports.

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