Saturday, July 23, 2011


My latest project at the school has been to make puppets.  I did some research and read an article recommending the use of puppets in the classroom.  I didn’t think I’d have the supplies to make 250 puppets until I found a way to make TP puppets.

The body is formed by the TP roll.  The head is a circle of construction paper and attached via two slits in the roll.  The arms are a piece of pipe cleaner that is extended through holes in the TP roll.  The kids color the face and clothes and voila…a puppet.  You insert two fingers in the roll to hold it and you’re ready for business.

I first made “Donna” several weeks ago.  Since then I’ve used her in class a lot.  The real Donna would get a kick out of it if she could see her namesake in action. “Where’s Donna?“   “She’s under the desk!”  “Where’s Donna now?”  “She’s in Ioane’s pocket!”

So far Years 3 – 8 have completed their puppets.  Some of the kids carry them everywhere.  When I ask them to bring their puppet with them to the English room for their lesson there’s always a buzz of excitement.
The puppet making slowed because I didn’t have enough TP rolls for Years 1 -2.  I put out a call to the kids for help and think we’ll be ready next week.

Each child names their puppet, decides where they’re from and how old they are.  They write about what they like and what their puppet likes, doesn’t like, etc.  They’ve worked well.  

BTW, Donna – several of the puppets were named after you and come from the United States.
I’ll be taking pictures of the kids and their puppets and will post them as soon as I can.

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