Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mail Bag

Once again I wasn’t disappointed at the Post Office during my weekly visit.  Granny T rocked with 3 letters, each filled with a newsy letter, crosswords and some candy.  There was also mail for the kids.

Thanks to Kathleen who sent a great post card of Colorado.  She’s actually from Philadelphia so we’ll get 2 geography lessons out of her card.  She’s headed to the Ukraine to teach ESL as a PCV.  I’m jealous, Kathleen – that was one of the places I wanted to go.  Having said that, my delicate Florida constitution prefers Samoan winters.  Let’s stay in touch. 

Another Philly resident, Doris, sent a postcard of that beautiful city.  Thanks for including a bit of geography in your message, it will help kick start a lesson.

Maureen from Buffalo, NY took time during her vacation in Rome (I’m green with envy) to buy a postcard for the kids.  Another two-fer – Buffalo and Rome.

Remember when I mentioned that a teacher from New Zealand had stopped by and taught a lesson to Year 8?  She promised to stay in touch and she came through.  She forwarded two letters from her students.  That will be good for lessons on geography and letter writing. 

Please know that we’re in the final weeks of the second term.  This week we’ve having exams.  Next week, more exams and review of the tests taken this week.  Plus final preparations for English Day, which is currently scheduled for September 1.  I say currently because construction has started to enlarge our assembly hall and may delay things to the beginning of next term.  Since I don’t know, I’m going forward to be ready, just in case.

Because the kids are so busy with exams and I’m busy with them, we won’t be able to send you a response quickly, but please know that your cards/letters are greatly appreciated.  I’ll take a photo of the kids with your love and post them as quickly as I can.

Thanks for being caring and thoughtful enough to take the time to buy the cards, write the message, go to the post office to get the right postage and get them in the mail.  We’re sending love your way from a small island in the Pacific ocean.

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  1. Glad you received the post card! I'll send another from Ukraine. Learning about Ukrainian winters is making me wish I was going Samoa!