Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pisi Tele - Very Busy

I know – excuses, excuses.  I hate it when I follow a blog and they take a powder with no explanation.  It’s like when they show some lame Presidential emergency announcement right in the middle of All My Children.

But, I’m giving you my excuses anyway.  It started a couple of weekends ago when I headed to Apia for my monthly visit.  This one was especially nice because I stayed with a family I adore and we had a splendid time. 

Then back to school, a pile of laundry and the flu.  I spent a few days in bed, watching my laundry pile grow and feeling sorry for myself.  Stuff like no air-conditioning, cold showers and mosquitoes don’t usually bother me much but give me a slight fever and some muscle aches and I’m a big fat whiner.

Last weekend I was recovering from my brush with death (what, you don’t consider a temperature of 99 degrees life threatening?) and I had guests.  Two of my favorite PCV’s came for the long weekend.  One arrived on bike, after a 60 mile ride.  I was tired just walking the ten feet across my house.  The other arrived after a 12 hour trip by bus, bus, ferry and bus.  A trip, that in total is about 100 miles.  And if made by just car/ferry/car would take about 3 hours. 

Even though I wasn’t 100%, I really enjoyed their company.  As usual when PCVs get together, we bitched about PC, Samoa and America.  We seem to be just cram full of opinions that we’re happy to share.  We also laughed a lot and talked about things we’re looking forward  to – both in Samoa and after our service is over. 

In addition to travel and company, lest you think I’ve forgotten why I’m here, school has been a tad busy.  We’re winding down the second term, which involves exams and prep for English Day.  It’s a busy time.

Mostly, my internet time has been dedicated to making travel arrangements for my holiday trip to New Zealand.  I booked it, Dano.  A friend from the States will be meeting me in Auckland and returning to see Savaii.  I’m stoked.  My dial up is very handy, but awesomely slow.  After waiting two hours online to book a hotel room, waiting for a post to upload was beyond my level of patience.

Bottom line, the dog ate my homework.  I’ll hope you’ll forgive me and continue to read.


  1. Talofa Nancy. I am a Samoan living in Auckland NZ. When are you visiting? Just thought I'd let you know the Rugby World Cup is starting in September-October 2011 so you might want to plan with that event in mind. Have fun!

  2. Glad to see the post. Was beginning to wonder what was up! Good to know that all is well