Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm in Salelologa doing last minute errands and computer stuff for PC and preparation for heading to NZ for two weeks.  Thought while I was working on reports, I'd upload some photos.  They're random, but hope you enjoy.

My brother, preparing a pig for the umu.  He's using a disposable razor to get rid of the hair.

I love watching the rain come in over the ocean.  This is right across the street from my house.  You can see the reef in the distance.  The dark spots in the lagoon are coral.  Makes for great snorkeling.

I contacted a group called Darien Book Aid Plan.  They sent a fabulous case of books.  I figured the kids should get to open the box.  They were excited but also very serious because they didn't want to damage anything

This is a centipede, next to my shoe.  I find one in my house every day or two.  When I got home from Apia this week, one crawled out of the kitchen drain and startled the bejeebers out of me.  They have a vicious sting but so far I killed them before they got me.  Yes, I have found them in my bed during the night.

ML and Ralph - this one's for you.  HD reigns even in Samoa.  Well, at least the t-shirt.  There are no Harleys in the country.

Year 1.  English Day.  Does it get any cuter?

Year 8 girls.  They LOVE to have their pictures taken.I took a class photo with me, their teacher and gave each child a copy as a graduation gift.  It was one of these girls who yelled "I love you, Nancy" when she saw me driving back into town this week.

The boys like to have their photos taken.

I attended my brother's college (high school) graduation to cheer him on since he was first in the entire school in grades.  I was called up to hand out the awards to the graduating class.  A surprise and quite an honor.  Glad I wore my best puletasi.  That's my host brother I'm giving a "prize" to.

Year 2, English Day.  I taught them 10 Little Indians.  My apologies to all Native Americans.

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