Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Bet you expected to see photos of New Zealand!  Sorry, but technical difficulties.  But here are some old photos to tide you over.

I'm currently in Bay of Islands, New Zealand.  A beautiful place.  An overnight cruise, helicopter tour and new Kiwi friends.  Could it get any better?  This holiday has been amazing and I'll be looking at the possibility of working in New Zealand for a year as one of my "after service" options.  Yes, it's that beautiful and I've had that great a time.  It doesn't hurt that Kiwis are even nicer than Canadians.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

This kid was stylin'.  I was on the bus in Apia heading toward the wharf and home.

Night time in my fale.  I love not having to sleep under a mosquito net in New Zealand.  Sleeping on clean sheets and a real mattress also has it's upside.

She was passing by my front door.  One of the many pigs that hang out around my house.  For some reason, they like to sleep lying against my house.  That's fine with me until they get noisy about 2 a.m.  

Looking forward to seeing the blowholes on Savaii again next week.

Did I tell you about the event at school when a couple of the other volunteers dropped by?  They thought I was kidding about the manhandling I get on a daily basis.  Dave got groped big time.

Fale, sweet fale.  My house in Faga.

"My" beach.  Will be back there next week.

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  1. I am certain you are having a great time in New Zealand. The photos from Samoa are wonderful and have spiked my envy as I sit here freezing in land-locked Macedonia.
    Continued best wishes!