Monday, January 30, 2012

Typical Tuesday Morning

I discovered someone or something was in my bathroom last night.  Sometime between 3-7 a.m.  Something large enough to pull down half the curtain (ripped off the wall), drag my bathmat across the room and knock my razor off the shelf.  I’d assume a big rat but the soap in my dish wasn’t touched nor was he lured by the soap in the live trap.  Before that’s gotten their attention immediately.  There also was no rat poop or pee, which is a dead give away.

I’m thinking it was one of my family’s cats.  They like to climb up the outside of my house and crawl into the space between my ceiling and the roof, where the rats live.  That’s fine with me.  They’ve fallen out before because I don’t have ceilings throughout the house and they apparently don’t pay attention to where they’re going.  It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

Dead bug count this morning was 2 large roaches, 1 large spider and 2 little roly-poly bugs.  I sweep them out every morning which is why you’d see the chickens lurking outside my front door if you were here.

I heard my 7 year old sister singing quietly as she walked from the outdoor faucet where she brushes her teeth each morning.  I listened closer and realized she was singing “Good morning, Nancy, good morning, Nancy” over and over.  I said hello through the window and she smiled.  Nice way to start the morning.

I’m listening to very loud Samoan music (specifically, “Sau i, sau i” for Samoan music fan) my Samoan cousin, 16, is singing along at the top of his lungs.  It’s a happy place here on the compound.

It’s 8:25 and I need to throw on some clothes and head to school.  I found out yesterday that we’ll now have school from 9 – 3.  That means classes in the hottest time of the day.  And no time after school to hit the store.  Bummer.

Have to run – to the sounds of “The Sloop John B”, an old folk song…this time revised a bit and done in Samoan.  They love a good remix.

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