Monday, April 9, 2012

A Better Week

It is Tuesday morning and I need to throw on my puletasi and head for work.  I'm confident today will be a brighter day.  In retrospect the pig incident was pretty funny.  Especially at the end when we had the stare down in front of my door.  When someone says "little pig eyes" it's true.  They have tiny little eyes but are eerily good at staring.

Besides, why worry about pigs when I have that new certified letter from the IRS to worry about?  My accountant has it under control.  I thought it was dealt with months ago.

After all, the worst that can happen is they send me to jail.  A nice air conditioned jail with hot water.  And I've become very used to large women grabbing me, so that won't be a shock.

Actually, this could work out for the best. 

P.S.  I hope you understand I wrote this tongue in cheek.  I'm assuming any jail they sent me to would not have an amazing ocean view.  Or children screaming my name every time I take a step outside my house.  I'd miss those things.

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