Monday, April 9, 2012

A Pig Bit Me

Easter Monday, April 09, 2012
I need an attitude adjustment.  I’ve been in a pissy mood for days.  This morning didn’t help.

Imagine a Monday off work.  A chance to sleep in.  But we woke up about 6:15 a.m.  I say we because when the first person wakes up, everyone wakes up.  I’m not sure why the first person feels it necessary  to turn on the music.  Or yell.  But they do.

I did my usual morning routine, bathroom and laundry.  I should be happy now because I love to listen to the rain on my tin roof, but I’m also contemplating my laundry hanging in the rain.

Someone usually feeds the pigs coconut around 7 a.m.  That has changed, though, and they’re being fed later.  I’m not sure why and the pigs are not happy.  I normally take my trash out after school, but since I have the day off, decided to do it in the cool of the morning.

It requires walking through the area where the pigs are normally fed.  There’s a mother, father and eight piglets.  They are used to me and vice versa.  We usually just ignore each other.  This morning, though, they thought I was bringing them food.  It wasn’t bad at first.  They just surrounded me, squealing and grunting.  I kept walking toward the tree where we throw our garbage.  Then I felt something hit the back of my leg.  The large female had butted me.  Apparently she was trying to get my attention. 

When food wasn’t forthcoming, I felt another butt.  Then a tug on my skirt.  It occurred to me that carrying garbage through a group of hungry pigs might not be the best idea.  That’s when the large male bit me on my calf.  Not enough to draw blood.  It was more shocking than painful.  I tossed the bag of garbage and hot footed it toward the house, accompanied by a squealing herd.  As I got to my door, they were a couple of feet behind me.  They stood motionless and silent.  I was realizing I was safe from a pig attack and they were realizing they weren’t  getting breakfast from me.  None of us was happy.

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