Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thins I Miss

I'll be heading to Auckland in one month.  In seven months, I'll be heading home.  In the meantime, there are things I miss.

Friends and family, of course, top the list.  Goes without saying.  The rest of this list is just the little things that I'm looking forward to having back in my life.

Mexican food.  I'm going to try to find some in Auckland.  I heard good things about a couple of places that were closed for the holidays when I was there.  I'm picky about Mexican food.  If they advertise tomatoes in the enchilada sauce or mayonnaise in the guacamole, I'll pass. 

A car.  The freedom and convenience of being able to go where I want, when I want.  Alone.  Radio on or not.  Air conditioning or windows down.  Just driving for the fun of it.  Especially at night.  I can't wait.

Grocery stores stocked with vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, etc.  I had to go to the hospital again for the infection on my leg.  It's been six weeks and I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics since it won't heal.  The doc told me to eat more leafy greens.  Then he laughed and prescribed a multivitamin, since we don't have many leafy greens.  We have bok choy and I've eaten it until it comes out of my ears.

A place where I can live my life without being stared at.  I can't imagine what it's like for a celebrity, who is followed by cameras 24/7.

Restaurants.  Fast food to fine dining.  I'm already planning my first dinner in Auckland.

Privacy.  I like to walk around the house naked.  I like to sleep naked.  I prefer to do it with no one watching.

I miss the private pool in the backyard of my home in Florida.  I love the lagoon here.  Great snorkeling and a beautiful beach and I'll miss that.  I won't miss having to wear shorts and a t-shirt over my swimsuit.  I also like to swim naked and because my pool at home is private, I can.

An oven.  My favorite dessert is one I make - pumpkin toffee cheesecake with a butter cookie crust.  About 9,000 per slice, but so worth it.  I'm hoping to make one for the couple I'm staying with in NZ.  I also miss having an oven for simple things.  I love casseroles.  And baked potatoes.  And the kind of cheesy garlic bread you wrap in foil and then bake. 

A washer and dryer.  I really don't mind washing my clothes by hand.  But washing double size sheets is a pain in the ass.  If you don't believe me, try it.  All you need is a bucket, some soap and a hose.

Apple cider.  I fell in love with the hard cider they sell in a huge range of flavors in NZ.  I'll be drinking that, or red wine, with my fist dinner.

Baths.  I miss long, hot baths with steam that smells of citrus or lavender.  In a sparkling clean tub, in a pristine bathroom where I don't have to watch spiders crawling on the walls or rats racing through the room.

Crisp sheets.  I love clean sheets.  I especially like it when they smell good.  My mom taught me to sprinkle a tiny bit of talcom powder on the sheets in the summer and spritz with a bit of cologne in the winter.  I'd settle for fabric softener or dryer sheets. 

Cleanliness, with no bugs.  I was a bit persnickity about my house in Florida.  I tended to keep it clean.  My pest service did a very effective job of keeping the bugs out.  The pool is screened so I didn't have to worry about mosquitoes when I wanted to sit outside at night.  I miss that.

I'm trying not to think too much about the people and things I'll miss when I leave Samoa.  I know I'll be coming back here.  I don't know when or if I'll ever return to Samoa.  If my dream comes true and I'm able to find work for a couple of years in New Zealand, I'll come back to visit for sure.  But from the States?  Hard to say.

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