Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Home in Malawi

I'm having breakfast and waiting for the driver to come and get me for the trip to Lilongwe (about a 4 1/2 hour drive).  Figured I might as well share some more photos I took on my way here and once I got to my new apartment.

Traditional Kenyan dinner.  Sauteed kale and beef, tomato salad and a maize/water mixture that is bland but nice.

Entrance to a mall in Nairobi.  Comparable to a mall in the USA.

Weston again.  Note that his apron looks like a kilt. He works on a project sponsored by the same Scottish org that I'm working for.

Malawi countryside.

When they said deluxe bus, they weren't kidding.  I had a great seat.  

New hotel and conference building in Lilongwe - donated by...China.  

Snack on the bus.  Fried chicken, a samosa and some kind of muffin. I didn't eat it because Weston had walked 20 km in the dark to get to work in time to fix me breakfast.

Village in Malawi

Malawi Parliament building

Another village.  The blur in the front is corn.  There are food crops as far as you can see in most places. One restaurant along the road was named "The Lazy Man Doesn't Eat."

Home!  My living room

Living room, toward kitchen.  The small white thing is my fridge.

My kitchen.  They added a microwave after I took this.

Bathroom with 24/7 hot water.

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