Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photos of Arrival in Mandalay

Sorry, most of these were taken from the truck.

There are pagodas everywhere.  They are places where Buddhists go to pray and make offerings (food, flowers, etc.)

Not the kind of scenery I expected.  I was expecting more tropical.  But then again, we're just going into the rainy season.

Driving into Mandalay

EVERYONE rides scooters.  Most women ride side saddle because they wear long, tight wrap around skirts.  Exactly like lava lavas, but floor length.

Mandalay has over a million people and no apparent traffic control.

Another pagoda.

Jeeps seem to be the "cool" car.  This one is plain but I saw several that were pimped out.

Nuns - young girls.  They are carrying bowls because each morning they beg for alms, which is their only food for the day.  It is considered a blessing to give them food.

Another Jeep.

My first glimpse of the school.

My apartment building - brand new.  It sits at the back of the gated school compound.  If I stay another year, I'll get one of the corner rooms which are a bit larger and have windows on two sides.

My bed, which is quite comfortable.  Fanciest mosquito net I've ever seen.

My kitchen.  Those who know me know I HATE having stuff on my kitchen counters!

My fridge is on the right.  On the left is my "closet" alcove and the bathroom.

Best shower, ever.  I'm not wild about the whole bathroom floor getting wet but the space, water pressure and hot water are awesome.

My closet.  That's the bathroom door on the left.


Local beer.

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  1. Hi Nancy
    Love the pictures. I have been researching bathroom renovations, and the open shower is quite the trendy thing to have. From what I read, unless one lives in a cold climate an open shower room is the way to go!