Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photos of Mandalay from the Ayeyarwaddi International School

We are Grade 1 Yellow.  The class voted that we be the Sunflowers.  The art teacher with help from my asst. teacher replaced the beige door with the field of sunflowers.  This morning when I got to school, there was a butterfly perched on one of the flowers.

Sunset from my apartment building.

View of my apartment building from the roof of the school.

Looking east, toward the hills and rice paddies.  Taken from the roof of the school.  We're on the edge of town, about a 15 minute drive from downtown.

Our competition - another international school, just across the road.  Education is highly valued here.

View toward town.

If you look on the low hill on the right you can see a gold pagoda.

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