Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photos of the Trip and Arrival in Mandalay

Sorry for not posting sooner but between the continuing cold, trying to stay one step ahead of 30 first graders and just getting settled, I've been too pooped to write.  Here are a few photos I took on arrival.  I promise more will be coming soon!

$28 dollar a night hotel in Bangkok.  That includes all amenities, free ride to airport and breakfast. 

In-room Thai massage, less than $10

Room service - my breakfast of green chicken curry.  $2.50

Durian - the stinky fruit

The people in front of me in line at the Bangkok airport.  A very modern, very large, very nice airport.

Arrival in Mandalay.  Less than 2 hours from Bangkok.

Mandalay airport.

Leaving the airport - this is a divided highway.  Sadly, lots of litter.

Village along the road to Mandalay.

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