Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mandalay Photos

Bet you thought I'd be posting Bangkok pictures, didn't you?  They're coming, but first, I want to take advantage of having WIFI to upload some photos from home.  Away we go...

It was raining when two of the staff rode to work, so they left their umbrellas to dry.  This garage is directly under my apartment.

Near the Nat festival in Mandalay.  Horse drawn wagons are still commonly used.

Fair food!  If they cook it, I'll eat it.

Delicious prawns that are fried in some kind of batter.  I ate them like the locals do - shells, heads and all.  Roughage.

It was hot and these looked great.

Did I mention it was crowded.  This is my eye view.  Yes, I stand out in a crowd.

Nice fabric but since I was sweating the blankets didn't appeal.

My former next door neighbor trying on a cool hat made of papier mache.

Flowers for sale to be used as offerings to the Nat spirits.  It looks like green coconuts but they're not.

A cool instrument.

So you have any idea how hard it is for someone built like me to get up after dining this way?

Friendly man with beautiful baby.

Worth tilting your head for.  I was taking a photo of a pagoda and he wanted his picture taken.

People hand money to the guy in white who folds it and puts it in the tiger's mouth.

It's easier to take a bucket bath when you're this age.

A human powered ferris wheel.

They climb up and start climbing across the top to get it going.  Then, while it is going really fast, climb down and jump up to catch the seats to slow it down.

I doubt if they have Workers' Comp.  

This is typical of how I was greeted every where.

Psi is loved in Myanmar.  These were large balloons.  That's Jodie's head in the middle.

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