Sunday, September 29, 2013

Still in Bangkok

I've caught doctor, a charming and attractive Thai man, is in love with me.  He hasn't said it out loud but the fact that I keep wanting to go home to Mandalay and he keeps saying "No, it is better for you to stay in Bangkok." leads me to believe he has a crush.

Sure, it could be that the infection isn't responding as quickly as he or I would like.  But really, isn't it more fun to think he has a crush on me rather than just being concerned about my health?  Seriously, he seems to be a great man and doctor.  My only complaint (on behalf of his wife and children) is that he works too much.

I'm trying to look at the bright side of this.  While I'm burning through my sick leave from school, I'm enjoying cable tv and internet, both of which I don't have in my apartment in Mandalay.  I'm feeling at home here at Dubliner Place.  They've been very kind about continuing to extend my stay.  The cleaning woman is also great - she keeps the place sparkling clean and now, rather than putting all the pillows back where they belong after making the bed, she puts them where I need them - some to lean on and some to prop my leg on.

I asked the dr. if I could get out of bed and do some walking.  He said that if it doesn't increase the swelling or pain that I can walk.  I commented that just standing up causes pain.  His logical response?  "Then you shouldn't be walking too much."

My journey to become the consummate couch potato continues.

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