Friday, September 27, 2013

Photos - School, Bangkok and Hospital

Here are some of the photos that were in my camera.

More gardening - more sand than soil but you have to work with what you've got.  That's garage under my apartment in the background.

I like to do classes outside.  So do the kids.  This day, they were practicing map reading skills by using a pirate map to find buried treasure.

The kids were totally into the treasure hunt.

$3 worth of Myanmar take out food.  Delicious.

My $.30 ring from the Nat festival.  I took it off in the hospital because it was turning my finger green.

More Myanmar takeout.  Barbecue skewers of potato, garlic and pork.  Delicious but every single bite of meat had a bone in it.  That's Myanmar food. 

Sadly, this was my next door neighbor Jodi's last day in Mandalay.  She's holding "Brownie" the cat we all share.

First night in Bangkok.  I walked to Sunrise Tacos at Terminal 21 and brought home nachos and chicken tortilla soup.

And I worry about plugging two things into an extension cord.

For mi amigo Juan in Santa Fe

On the Istanbul floor in Terminal 21

Bling is popular in Asia.

My $2 lunch from the food court at Terminal 21.  Pad Thai and mango and sticky rice.

Toilet options in public restroom at Terminal 21

Public toilet

The San Francisco floor at Terminal 21

Food court at Terminal 21

Jodi and I went back for Mexican before heading off to get me fingerprinted.

Yup, that's me - being fingerprinted in the Bangkok police station.

The bad leg just before I went to the hospital.  Really, does it look that bad?  I expected some pills, not  a week in the hospital.

My view in ICU.  After the first few hours they upgraded me to a glassed-in room in ICU.

I believe if you're healthy enough to be taking selfies, you don't belong in ICU.  Those are the GIANT pajamas I wore everyday.  All other pairs were pink.

Plugged in to the antibiotics.

My very nice private room.

Lunch - chicken, cauliflower, salad with tuna and sliced asian pear.

Breakfast - bacon, toast, apple and grape juice.  Since they delivered tomatoes and lettuce I made a BLT.

The giant pink pjs.  Note that they cover about half the bed.

On8 Hotel.  The flash doesn't show the ambient lighting the room provided.

Room service - a hamburger with no egg.  Guess they missed that part about no egg.  That's the tiniest piece of incredibly stale blueberry cheesecake I've ever tasted.


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