Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photos of My Life In Mandalay

I love holidays.  The other teachers are off gallivanting so I'm taking advantage of the faster (although still slow) internet to post some recent photos.  Here are some scenes from my daily life...

When five thrifty teachers need a taxi to go out to dinner on a Friday night, do they spring for two cars?  No, they put Sherri in the luggage area.  As she said "Please, I was in the Peace Corps.  This is nothing."  She's RPCV Thailand.  Also teaching at AIS, RPCVs from Ukraine, Romania, El Salvador, Ecuador, Vanuatu, Philippines and, of course, Samoa.

One of the herd of water buffalo next to my apartment.

I was sitting in a taxi a block from my apartment.  This was my view of the cows strolling by.

Another beautiful sunrise - my view from my classroom.  That's not fog, though, it's dust hanging in the air.

Cows on the move.  This is the road in front of my apartment.

We made dragons yesterday for Chinese New Year.  Yes, I realize it's the Year of the Horse, but dragons are more fun.

This is my buddy Jack.  Please note he's wearing two sweaters.  It was over 90 degrees outside.

We took our dragons down to wish the school Director and admin staff Happy New Year.  The kids are wearing their PE uniforms.

The red envelope that held my "lucky" money.  Happy New Year!

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