Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spring Comes Early in Mandalay

When I arrived in July in Mandalay it was hot.  Understand that I'm used to hot.  I grew up in southern Arizona.  I have a home in Florida.  I lived the last two years in the South Pacific.  I'm used to hot.

Making the two minute walk to work left me sweaty.  The classroom, even at 7:00 a.m., was stifling.  Every morning I raced to turn on the air con, which quickly cooled things down.  When the electricity went off, which happens frequently during the dry season, it takes about five minutes for the generator to come on.  The room temp sky rockets during those few minutes.

That experience has made me so grateful for the cool weather we've had the last couple of months.  Chilly at night, warm and sunny during the day.  Perfect weather.  But it's getting warmer.  Once again, sitting in an unairconditioned car is a slightly sweaty experience.

There are some funny moments as the weather heats up.  Because it's chilly in the mornings and the kids are accustomed to very hot temps, they arrive fully bundled up.  Heavy coats, leggings and t-shirts under their uniforms.  They gradually strip down to just uniforms through the day.  Sometimes though, when they complain that it's too hot and beg me to turn on the air conditioning I have to remind them.  "Take your coats off."

It's not bad now but spring has definitely arrived and summer won't be far behind.  Locals have told me April is the worst month of the year.  I'm coming back from a month in the United States on April 4.  Swell.

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