Thursday, December 25, 2014

More Photos of Kuala Lumpur

Thanks for coming back for more photos. is probably more interesting, though.

Incense cones hanging in a Hindu temple near my hotel.

Typical kitchen at the restaurants that line every street.

Loved this idea for a recycled pot.

More beautiful offerings for sale.  I wish I could include the smells for you.  Walking down the street is a mix of smells of flowers, curries, barbeque and bus fumes.

A smaller, older temple.

Need a rolex?  Couture gown?  Starhill Gallery is the mall for you. 

In the restroom at one of the malls you need to remember to take toilet paper into the stall with you.  Inside is just the hose.  You have a choice of western or squatty potty.  I thought the thing on the right was a paper towel dispenser so was a bit surprised when I stuck my hand in hot air started blowing.

Every mall was decked out for Christmas.

Another lunch, another food court.  Tasty sweet and sour chicken and shrimp with curry gravy on the rice.

Food court stalls - just like America except not a burger in sight.  There was a pizza stall, though.

Malaysian fashion?  Seems the big hip look is in.

I loved the sign at this open air sheesha bar in Bukit Bintang:  "Hungry?  We have food.  Thirsty?  We have drinks.  Lonely?  We have WIFI."

Kasturi Walk, adjacent to Central Market.  More vendors selling tourist junk.

Entrance to Kasturi Walk.  There's even a Durian Cafe if you're craving all things durian. 

Food on sticks - in Asia they put anything on a stick and either fry it, barbecue it or stick it in a hotpot.  I'm a fan.

My two favorite fruits - mango and mangosteen, both out of season in Myanmar.

This rug was on display in the Central Market.  I have a very similar one that I bought in India.  They were asking $6,000.  Either rug prices have risen drastically or I got a real bargain.

I walked past the food court and opted for a sit down restaurant.  I knew it would be more but it was Christmas Eve.  The food at Ginger was just ok and I was annoyed at the bill.  When I sat down they brought "crackers" and a peanut dipping sauce.  Then charged me for it.  Sort of like going to a Mexican restaurant in the States and getting charged for the chips and salsa.

Did you figure out this is Central Market?  Supposed to be filled with hand-made traditional crafts.  Not so much, but still worth a look around.

It was a bit crowded on the streets of Bukit Bintang.

Had to laugh.  When I got my beverages for Christmas dinner the red wine was cold and the water warm.  Both hit the spot, though.

Dinner tasted better than it looks.  Plus I started with a salad that involved lots of iceberg lettuce!  Best steak to date in Asia.

Dessert was apple pie and a ginger cookie. I was too full for the pie but the cookie was delicious.

Back in Chinatown, they were transforming the sidewalks into restaurants - a nightly event.  The thing in the center of the table is a hot pot filled with very hot broth.  You buy whatever sticks of meat and vegetables you like from the vendor than find a table and start cooking.

These chiles are hot!

It's not hard to figure out what a restaurant is offering, even if you don't read Malaysian.

On the free GoKL bus.  A terrific idea - you hop on and get off where you like, for free.  I used them everyday.  Very easy since one of the four bus lines started outside my hotel.  Unfortunately, as I got on one after Christmas dinner a brief fight broke out between two groups of men (with me in the middle) on a VERY crowded bus.  No harm done, just a bit disconcerting.
Tomorrow I leave on a very early flight for Laos.  A couple of days in Vientiane then on to Luang Prabang for a week.  I'm loving this holiday break!

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