Thursday, December 25, 2014

Photos from Kuala Lumpur

Enough words.  Here are photos of what I've been seeing in KL.  Nope, not a single picture of the twin towers.  They're tall and impressive but it was raining and the pictures didn't turn out well.

Lunch at the food court at Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang.  Korean bulgogi - barbequed beef.  Delicious and about $2.50.

View from my table at the Lot 10 food court.

Jalan Hang Kasturi - the street my hotel is on.  My hotel is the large building on the left.  Geo Hotel - nice room and excellent location.

Lots of fresh flowers.  This arrangement is about $15.

Artificial flowers and Christmas lights.

Tea samovars at an open air tea shop.

Another view of Lot 10 food court.  So many food choices it's hard to decide.  We have one tiny food court in Mandalay.  Here, they are everywhere.

I'm guessing the young lady with bare feet is a Kiwi.  Auckland is the only city I've been to where there were almost as many people without shoes as there were with.  The streets here, by the way, are not clean.

Chinatown - complete with an Amigo guest house and a 7/11, which are everywhere, worldwide.

I'd read a lot about Petaling street.  It is short, jammed with hawkers selling food and knock off watches, purses and dvds.  Many of the vendors are from Myanmar.  I see more Chinese people every day at my school than in KL's Chinatown.

MLB, this one's for you.  A knock-off Hard Rock shirt.  I also passed the huge Hard Rock Cafe.

I thought it was a pedestrian street.  Clearly not.

I took this about 11 a.m., before the crowds arrived.  If you were in Peace Corps Samoa the photo of the KK Mart sign will have special meaning.

I call these elephant pants, since most have elephants printed on them.  They also make women look like elephants - NOT flattering but worn by every backpacker in Asia.

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