Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Hoi An Photos

I enjoyed spending a quiet relaxed couple of weeks in Hoi An.  I just wandered around, talked to people, drank gallons of delicious iced coffee and enjoyed the beautiful views.
The worst meal I had, by far, in Vietnam was this pizza.  It had been frozen and still had parts that were cold.  Ah well, serves me right for trying to eat Italian food in Vietnam.

The following photos were taken during early morning and evening walks around town.  I won't bore you with descriptions.

The ramp is not for wheelchairs.  It is to get your motorbike into your house.

One of the vendors gave me a piece of cinnamon bark.


In the center are banana flowers.  Samoan friends:  I wasn't kidding.  They're not only edible they're tasty.

Coming to work on the ferry.

Creative solution for a missing bench leg.

Engagement photos.

Preparing candles to be lit and placed in the river.