Thursday, January 19, 2017

This and That in Bangkok

Last night was "market night" at Avenue Major Ratchayothin .  In previous Wednesday evening market nights we'd enjoyed upscale street food and food trucks.  Imagine my disappointment as we approached last night and saw for sale....clothes.  No dumplings.  No schwarma, No tom yum.  Clothes!

Luckily, they'd set aside space for about 8 food trucks.  They sold a variety of foods from Vietnamese pho to pizza to burgers.  My very pregnant friend Lori choose the "extra cheesy burger" and fries from the "Sorry I'm Hungry" truck.
The Extra Cheesy Burger from "Sorry I'm Hungry Cafe" food truck.  Only $6 for miles of cheese strings.
I wasn't that hungry so moved off to order a couple of small chicken kebobs.  I felt decidedly sad as I watched Lori pulling her cheesy goodness from its container.  I discovered via the internet later that they not only have a food truck but also a cafe and hostel.  I think they may have the best cheeseburger in Bangkok.

Tonight, we stopped at a fruit stand on our way back from dinner.  I'd stopped there yesterday, where I purchased a bag of freshly cut pineapple ($.50) and a bag of cut green mango ($.50).  The owners baby was asleep on the cart next to the fruit so I asked if she was for sale as well (for $.50).  The dad said yes, the mom said no. 

Tonight I got more green mango and also some ripe mango.  Total price was 45 Baht (about $1.10) but when I offered 60 Baht, they just took 40.  A discount for a returning customer.  I'm going to really miss the fresh fruit at such a bargain.  Along with the friendly vendors.

As we continued our walk to the hotel, dodging cars and motorbikes, we paused to let a dog run past.  He was heading to the fence to challenge a dog in the yard.  What made the encounter unusual was that the street dog was wearing a flowered dress.

Yup, just another evening in Bangkok.

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