Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Just Chillin' in Bangkok

Unlike the typical tourist, racing through Bangkok at breakneck speed to see every temple, mall and market, I'm just hanging out, waiting for baby Eileen to be born.  To my friend, not me.

Since it's hot out and I'm feeling even lazier than usual, I'm just going to enjoy the air conditioned comfort of my hotel room and share some photos of recent days.

View from my hotel room.  It's known as the Elephant Building.
Evening at Major Ratchayothin Cinema complex.  Shops, restaurants, movies and a bowling alley.

Spicy basil pork, sweet corn and fried eggplant.  About $2.

Watching them work on replacing the lines is both fascinating and scary.

I found my happy place at Chatuchak park.

Awesome grilled chicken, spicy green papaya salad and the best dipping sauce in the world.

Well of course it's instant - who wants to wait for their durian beverage.  Yuck!

Bathrooms at Chatuchak Park are clean, convenient and have these cool outdoor sinks.

Pannapat Place. All the comforts of home for $17 a night.

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