Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Choose the Bright Side

The rain has continued.  Unrelenting, all night.  The wind has stopped, which is great.  But the rain has not.  The 2x4’s in my kitchen ceiling are now so saturated, I can’t put a pan to catch the drips.  They drip the length of the room.  There were large puddles all over the floor when I woke up.  What ceiling I do have has begun to ripple and bow from water weight.  Just a matter of time until it soaks through and collapses.  It’s currently furry with mold.

My clothes have been languishing in a bucket of soapy water for two days.  I need to do something about that or they’ll be moldy, too.  And to top off my morning, as I sat down on my bed to type this, one of the damn wooden slats that make up my bed, fell to the floor, leaving a gap where my butt usually resides.  Clearly a message that it was tired of my big ass.

I can either focus on the water torture and go to school in a pissy mood or I can choose the bright side.  Even though the sun is nowhere in sight, I know there is a bright side.  So here we go.

I don’t have to wonder where my dog is.  I can smell him coming.  Wet dog smell is universal.

It’s cooler when it rains.  I didn’t use my fan at all last night.

I can be even less concerned than usual about my hair before school, since it will be wet by the time I get there.  I read an old magazine last night that a friend gave me for school (to use for pictures).  They said the tousled look is in.  Just let your hair air dry (that could be an issue), then tousle with your fingers.  My style is in.

All this moisture HAS to be good for my dry, wrinkly skin.  I should look dewy fresh and only 22 by the time this rain is done.

It could be snow.

Soon, I may be able to fish from my front porch.
I have an indoor bathroom.  I have to walk across a damp floor to get to it, but I don’t get rained on in the process.  Dripped on but not rained on.

My bed isn’t permanently broken, just a pain in the neck to get the board back in place and my family will cheerfully help.

The wind is gone and my roof didn’t blow to Kansas.

I get to teach today.  Up until now, it’s been preparing the rooms, teachers planning/drinking tea and doing attendance stuff.  Today I get to do an actual lesson.

 The rain, oddly, still seems to be holding the mosquitoes at bay.  I would think just the opposite but am not going to question a miracle of nature that works in my favor.

Last, but not least.  It will stop.  Sooner or later.  Or, I’ll have to learn what a cubit is and build an ark.  There will be chickens and pigs and dogs and cats and geckos and…the ants and spiders better know how to swim.


  1. That is absolutely priceless. The only way to handle unrelenting gloom and wet is humor!

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