Friday, February 3, 2012

Vacation Photos

I'll be sharing vacation photos during the next several entries.  Don't you love technology when I can upload all my pictures and you can just ignore them?  Better than the olden days when you had to be polite in someone's living room while they bored you to tears with their photos.

There is a slight glitch.  On the last day of vacation I realized I'd lost my camera in New Zealand.  Luckily, I figured out it may have fallen out of my purse in the rental car.  The nice folks at Budget found it and are mailing it back to me.  Sadly, it seems that the New Zealand postal service, like the US Postal Service, is unaware of the difference between Somalia and Samoa.  Clearly the entire world needs more geography training.

These photos were taken when my friend D and I enjoyed my village and the sights around Savaii.

Donna and our guide at the lava fields.  They were standing inside the church whose outer walls survived the lava flow in the early 1900's.

After dinner on our second night we had a floor show.  It was just us and six fun Australians.  I attempted to show how to do a traditional Samoan dance.  I failed, but it got everyone, Aussies and Samoans up and dancing.  Open air, on the beach.  does it get any better?

We saw sea turtles.  Back home, my brother said he's seen a lot lately in our lagoon.  I thought I saw a huge one yesterday then realized it was a spear fisherman.

I didn't know the Bon Jovi bus came to Savaii - I thought there was only one in Upolu.

View from the dining room at Le Lagoto where I had the fabulous pizza from Sekia Pizza.

There's a place on the northeastern end of Savaii - Sekia Pizza.  Best pizza on the island, I believe.  Ok, there's only one other place on the island that sells pizza, but nontheless Sekia is stellar.  And they deliver.  To the beach!  Or, in our case, to the dining room of the beautiiful resort (Le Lagoto) next door.  Cool beans.

View of my room at Va i Moana in Asau.  That's an outdoor shower on the left.  The deck goes out over the water.

View of my fale deck when tide was out.  Taken from a boat.

This guy was remarkable.  Talk about service.  He did it all - bartender, waiter, busboy, entertainer (he's playing the ukelele in the photo above) and tour guide when we took the two hour boat/snorkel trip.  That cost $10 USD.

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