Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just for fun (still bored) I decided to do this entry as an interview.  I’m pretending to be on a talk show.  I spent some relaxing time in the green room and now the cameras are rolling….

How was your day?  Anything out of the ordinary happen?

It was just a typical day during the final week of the term.  At 8:00 a.m., when school is scheduled to start there were just three of us teachers in attendance.  Although, as the kids pointed out, there were only two teachers.  “What about me?” I asked?  “You’re not a teacher.  You’re a Peace Corps!”  Wish I had my B.S. in Elem. Ed diploma to show them.

We had assembly, which we never do on Wednesdays, usually.  During assembly the principal talked about dividing the school into houses.  I know that means dividing the kids into teams for sports day.  Presumably, tomorrow.

After assembly my boss pointed out that the Year 7 teacher wasn’t coming to school so I should take his class.  I had one hour to teach them a poem or song about mothers to perform on Friday.  He said it would be good if I also gave songs and poems about Mother’s Day to all the other teachers. My inability to come up with 8 songs/poems on the spot is another indication of my deficiencies as a teacher.

I quickly wrote a poem and taught it to Year 7 then we broke for another assembly to discuss Sports Day.  I was assigned to coach one of the teams.  My co-coach is due to have a baby today.  I told her she wasn’t allowed to have it until Sports Day was over.

At 11:00 a.m. all the teachers from the district were supposed to come to practice for the Independence Day march.  The kids had brought 66 niu as refreshments.  But only about 15 teachers showed up so the practice was cancelled.

All in all, just a typical day at school.

Why were your neighbors laughing this afternoon when you went to buy a soda at their store?
They weren’t laughing at me, really.   They were laughing because the 1 year old screams in terror every time she sees me.  She’s seen me every day since she was born.  I’ve never hurt her.  I always smile and speak quietly to her.  But she’s still scared to death of me.  Everyone thinks it’s funny.  She started screaming and crying when she saw me coming so an older child took her away.   They brought her back a few minutes later and repeated the scene.  Funny stuff.

Why are there children running full speed back and forth in front of your fale?

I’m not sure, but I think they’re practicing for sports day tomorrow.  They’ll be representing their teams in the 100 meter race.   Same thing with the kids leaping around the yard in 50 kg rice bags from Vietnam.  They’re practicing for the sack race.

We heard you typed the 2011 school report yesterday.

Yes, I did.  I also helped write it, since it was in English.  The beginning of the report thanked different people and organizations for things they’d given the school.  At my suggestion, they agreed to put something in to thank the United States Peace Corps for sending a volunteer.  Having a full-time volunteer teacher ranked third, after desks from the Mormons and books from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  I had to remind them that the U.S. sent books.  I was described (I did not write this part) as pretty and intelligent.   I suggested we add “sexy” but that was turned down.   My skills with typing and the copy machine were highly praised.

Frankly, you sound a bit cranky.  Are you enjoying the PC experience?

Actually, I am a bit cranky.  Mostly because I’m bored.  When I get to teach every day, I enjoy it.  The time passes quickly and I feel like I’m making a difference.  Days like today, though, drag.  I’m glad I joined the Peace Corps.  I’m glad I came to Samoa.  Do I get frustrated, cranky and bored sometimes?  You bet, but isn’t that true of every job?  Plus, it’s only a few days before vacation and I’m just ready to be out of here for awhile. 


  1. great post. funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have an enjoyable and relaxing time in NZ!