Sunday, May 6, 2012


I just spent another 3+ hours trying to upload photos.  Screw that.  When I'm in New Zealand I'll give it a shot when I have access to high speed internet.  Unless, of course, I'm too busy having fun.  No guarantees.

In the meantime, I can tell you about the last day or so.  Let's see.  Thundering herds.  That's what I heard (have I mentioned bad puns make me laugh?)   The other evening, several pigs had taken up residence in front of my house, making the piggy noises they make when they're hungry. 

Here's the only way I can describe it to you.  You know when you are a woman of a certain age?  And you slip past the "Gee, I'm a little hungry." stage to the "Give me the fucking food or I'll kill you!" stage?  The way we're feeling is exactly how the pigs sound.  Very loud and very ornery. 

The pigs were at the latter stage in front of my house as I cooked dinner.  I was making faux nachos so I didn't care if there was a nuclear bomb attack happening.  I was focused on Doritos, cheese and hamburger with taco seasonings.  I told you it was faux.  But those are prized ingredients in Samoa and very expensive.  Don't criticize.

The next thing I knew I heard a thundering herd.  With growls and squeals.  It was my three dogs chasing 9 pigs.  It was loud.  It was powerful.  It was hysterical.  Really, when will I ever have dogs chasing pigs off my front porch again?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

P.S.  I tried to explain why a Mexican Independence Day was celebrated in the United States.  Because we like any excuse for a party?  Because we love nachos and Mexican beer?  Sole, le iloa (Dude, I don't know.)

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