Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Buggy Trifecta

Written Tuesday, November 13,2012

 As usual, this evening before taking my cold shower, I sorted laundry and tossed “close enough” colors into the bucket. Close enough used to mean whites with whites, etc. Now, pretty much anything goes, although I did resist tossing my very sweaty new white PC t-shirt in with my orange mu’umu’u.

 I scooped the detergent and noticed that not only did I get soap, I got the bonus in the bottom of the box. A large, dead cockroach. We call them Palmetto bugs in Florida. They fly but this one was well past his flying days so I just picked him out of the soap and tossed him in the toilet.

 A few minutes later I picked up the toilet paper roll as I usually do, by inserting my thumb in the tube. I’m looking forward to having toilet paper that is attached to a wall, rather than roaming free range around my bathroom.

 Unfortunately a spider roughly the size of the palm of my hand was curled up in the tp tube, napping. I woke him/her up and it scared the bejeebers out of both of us. After a quick break to step topless (ok, I clutched aforementioned sweaty t-shirt to my bosom) into the main room of my house to fetch the spider killing spray (Mortein), I stepped into the shower.

 I was facing sideways – turning on the tap (there’s only one since there’s only cold water) and closing the very nice shower curtain when the third piece of the trifecta fell into place. Literally, a large lizard flew off the curtain and landed on my chest. I did not scream and believe I should receive Peace Corps bonus points for that.

 In another entry I’ll explain my own personal game of Peace Corps in which points are awarded or deducted for wimpy or really bonehead moves. For example, the time I was asked to dance for the matais at school last year. I lost 100 points because I bowed to the school, which had my back to the chiefs. I started dancing to the majority of people and one of the teachers kindly came up to turn me around. Bonehead.

 Note: Yes, I know that lizards are reptiles and not insects but I just preferred the buggy title.  

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