Wednesday, November 14, 2012


SeconAnd once again the caption feature isn't working. Sorry.

First is a shot of where the teachers were marinating the chicken in a bucket. Soy sauce, a little onion and a little sugar is how we barbeque chicken in Samoa. Oh, the white stuff in the jar? Salt, because soy isn't salty enough.

Second photo shows Pila and Julius. They're cousins. This was taken in my front yard.

Third shows Pila, Julius and Esther with Koki 2. Koki was a rooster, raised by hand who died last Sunday at 14. The new Koki is being raised by hand to take his place as the family pet.

Fourth shows what happened when I brought a couple large bags of clothes in to give the teachers. It was like a half off sale at Salvation Army. The funniest part is that some of them chose to wear new items over their puletasis for the rest of the day. Since they always wear tshirts and shorts under their puletasis anyway, that means three layers of clothes. Have I mentioned how hot it is in Samoa?

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