Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yes, I'm food obsessed. Have been since I was a child. I've learned to embrace the obsession and the girth that comes with it.

Thought I'd share a bit about food I've had recently.

I was invited for to'ona'i with my family Sunday to celebrate my leaving and more importantly, Julius' first birthday. The food was delicious. We had fried chicken, boiled chicken, roasted pig and roasted breadfruit. Samoa is not easy for vegetarians.

Last night in Apia I had dinner with two Peace Corps friends at Visions, the restaurant that is part of the Australian culinary program. It was a bargain and tasty. I had tuna to start - served in three spoons, one bite each, with a tiny salad on the side.

My main was lamb with a beet reduction and wonderful mashed potatoes. Also steamed pea pods and bok choy. The lamb was well done and I prefer very rare but it was still lovely.

Dessert was New York style cheesecake. While it was tasty, it bore no resemblance to any cheesecake I've ever had, especially in New York. And who puts raisins in cheesecake?? Still, it was good.

We ordered a bottle of wine with dinner and our server, who did an admirable job all evening, did an outstanding job of making a production of opening the wine and providing a bit to taste before serving ladies first. The funny part? It was a twist off cap.

A delightful evening in which there was air conditioning and I did not have to fan bugs off my food.

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  1. Your time in Samoa is coming to an end... will miss your great blog entries. You'll probably be really busy when you get back, so just wanted to say, even if you don't continue this blog, thanks heaps for the great stories, insights and laughs! Soifua!