Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Home!

Well, I'm sorta home. I'm staying in a nice rental at the beach about half an hour from my home in Florida. At the last minute the tenant renting my home for the last two years decided not to renew the lease for another year. I'm now trying to decide whether to move into my own house or not. I hope to be writing more soon, as well as posting a lot of photos. Having free WIFI is terrific! I've been busy since coming home less than two weeks ago. Initially, I just wanted to hole up in my own place, cook and watch tv and surf the net. I read, slept, got over jet lag and then was ready to greet a friend who flew in to welcome me home. The last several days, she and some local friends have had a fun and busy time - dining out, getting manicures and pedicures and doing a bit of shopping. They also helped me pick out my new glasses. Mine gave up the ghost the week I left Samoa and my old pair weren't helping much. I picked up the new glasses today and am happy to be able to see again. Do I miss Samoa? Yes, but I've been so wrapped up in being home, it hasn't had time to sink in that this isn't just a vacation and I'm not going back soon. Some things I've noticed since I got is EVERYWHERE. As are mirrors. And food. I've been to the mall and been surprised at some of the new fashions. So far, being back is great. I'll keep you posted as time goes on.


  1. Great to hear you returned to the States safely. Miss reading your blog, but re-integrating is probably a slow process... will keep an eye out for your new entries but glad to see you're getting back into the American life. Soifua!

  2. Mark (your cousin) and I are glad you're home safely. If you do any traveling and come to AZ, we'll be happy to eat Mexican food with you!